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About Me » The Empty Chair - Scott Byorum

About Me

A Part of It All
I’m sure this has happened to you
        Or rather
You might’ve been a part of it all
Passing it by as your soul measured distance
Across marbled tile floors in a sound garden hall
Across weather whipped asphalt or weed cracked concrete
Across a pebble littered rock strewn shore
        While the tide licked your ankles
        And the salty mist gathered on your tongue
Across copper wires that crackled like snapping bones to foreign destinations
Across a barren wasted landscape with a scattering of ancient trees
        Dead and twisted with agony
Or perhaps it was a crowded room
        Loud with plaster masks and empty dialogue
        To the upstairs floor
        Where behind a door
        You padded cat-like across a plush carpet
        To a swollen bed
Or maybe on an open grazing pasture
        Where the flies gathered thickly about the putrid piles of cow fodder
        As creamy wisps’ of clouds smeared their way along the currents of a dead blue sky
You might’ve been a part of it all
Recognized a facet or two
Or experienced an even deeper blue
But this is for those who’ve known it all
Who’ve seen what’s really there
And will recognize its guise
Until the last one left confides in death
Let’s read about despair and love
And its demise

I'm a fleeting spark in the ocean's dalliance; the some-odd billionth talking monkey to cavort on this planet.  I was concocted sometime before November 9, 1968, but materialized shortly thereafter.  By day I'm a mild-mannered, pendantic executive mercenary.  By night, I'm asleep... except when I engage in acts of soul-searching and artistic expression.  I'm often a dreamer, sometimes a Scorpio, and always a fool.

My wife Shandell and I met in 1989 and we've been solid to this day.  No kids, just cats.