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The A.M. God » The Empty Chair - Scott Byorum

The A.M. God

A poetic novel by Scott Byorum.  All images in this book are original photography and paintings by the author, except the cover border design, which was used by permission from Adam Hyatt.

The A.M. God explores the spiritual journey most of us take when trying to find our place in life and make sense of our existence. In 10 diverse poetic chapters, it examines the complexities, hypocrisies, joys, sorrows, horrors, and exaltations of being a human trying to find meaning. It bears emphasis on the failings of organized religion without destroying the message that there may be something higher than our selves.

Passionate Praises

"What I found most provocative about the A.M. God was the quality of which it was written. His words are meant to invoke unity within all peoples, even though we may be culturally divided. We all pray, dream, fear, hope, and love. I highly recommend the A.M. God to anyone." --- Heinous Amus (5 Stars; excerpt from Amazon review)

"Scott Byorum is a very talented person. He raises many questions, or at least brings up points about many views on life and death. Some are deep, and almost disturbing thoughts were presented. The tone of the poems runs the gamut of emotions from humorous to insightful to sarcastic to a sense of curiosity. If you want to explore life, death and religion, pick up a copy of this book." --- Bob McDonnell (4 Stars; excerpt from Barnes & Nobles review)

"This book is deep and beautifully written. The author very poetically demonstrates the hypocrisy and divisiveness of organized religion, and how God can be found very simply when we look at our lives and search our hearts for our own personal truth. I've read through this book several times and find something new to think about each time I do. Each chapter is written in a different style which adds to the book's overall uniqueness." --- A. Graves (5 Stars; excerpt from Barnes & Nobles review)



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