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Free E-Book: The 7 Pervasive Whims » The Empty Chair - Scott Byorum

Free E-Book: The 7 Pervasive Whims


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Human Nature.  Aside from the religious connotations and overtones, the 7 Deadly Sins are darkly fascinating aspects of genuine human characteristics.  Nobody is immune.  They describe the sordid aspects of our psyche... aspects we condemn and yet are guilty of ourselves.  Like the virtues we so extol, our sins define us as well.  We truly are equal.

This free booklet is non-denominational.  In fact, it shies away from religious interpretation, whatsoever, other than the base origin of the subject.  Sins are often impulsive, hence the re-designation "whims."  And they have weaved their web throughout time and human consciousness.  Deadly or not, they are "pervasive."

Each of these maligned, enduring human traits is detrimental to our success as individuals and community members.  They adversely impact the quality of our personal lives, our professional performance, our social interactions, and our spiritual well-being.  They capitalize on our human weakness.  To overcome them and realize our positive human potential, we must recognize their incarnations.

In the following pages, real people interpret these unseemly characteristics of the human condition.  Esoteric, eccentric, existential, satirical, serious…   the people are real… the answers are real.  How would you respond?


  • Lust: "You know you are over-stimulated when..."
  • Gluttony: "You know you are self-indulgent when..."
  • Greed: "You know you are greedy when..."
  • Sloth: "You know you are lazy when..."
  • Wrath: "You know you are vindictive when..."
  • Envy: "You know you are jealous when..."
    Pride: "You know you are self-absorbed when..."